Spring Races Fashion 2013

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Spring racing season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to dress up and enjoy a friendly bet over a glass of champagne with friends. It’s important to look your very best and this year’s various events is a chance to showcase your personal style. If you are in need of inspiration on what to wear this season or want to update your current look, here’s a list of all the latest trends and essentials to get you started on perfecting your Spring races wardrobe!

Ladies Spring Racing Fashion

For 2013, it’s all about 1920’s style flair, monochrome and elegant classics. Think the Great Gatsby, and sophisticated style muses like Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor. Channel the glamour of silver screen actresses with a modern day interpretation for the races. Remember that race day fashion needs to look polished and put-together so even though the ensemble doesn’t have to match, the components of the outfit have to complement each other.

Headwear: An essential part of race day fashion. From fascinators to hats and everything in between, headwear should reflect your style and personality. Popular colours for 2013 are bold shades of green, purple fuchsia and tangerine. Choose your headwear according to the occasion and weather conditions and consider visiting a milliner who will make a piece uniquely tailored for you.

Frocks: Continuing with the 1920’s flapper trend, look no further than the Great Gatsby for your style inspiration. Key looks include flared dresses, ruffles, feathers and furs along with pretty pastels and romantic lace, beading and other intricate details. For another classic look, black and white ensembles are right on trend so look for monochromatic stripes and block patterns.

Shoes: Shoes can make or break your spring races outfit and should be chosen to add the finishing touches to your outfit without detracting from it. Make sure they are in good condition and invest in accessories such as silicon pads to avoid blisters and a pair of heel protectors such as Starlettos which will prevent your heels from sinking in the grass so that you can stay on your feet all day long at the races.

Men’s Spring Racing Fashion

The Spring Racing trends for 2013 are blue, in all different shades, and French Riviera inspired fashion with its striped patterns and palette of red, white, navy and black. Utilise a combination of textures to play up the contrast between separate pieces. Be on the lookout for combinations of wool, cotton, linen and silk as well as standout accessories such as hats, hankies, socks and ties to pull off a sophisticated race day look.

Headwear: Heavy fabrics such as felt and tweed are more suited to winter and should be avoided. Opt for something lighter such as quality straw in different styles such as gangster-inspired or Mad Men-esque headwear. If in doubt, a classic fedora is an easy option that will match with almost everything.

Suits: It almost goes without saying that tailored suiting is essential for looking perfect on race day events. Express your individuality by choosing fun patterns and quirky accessories to distinguish your race day outfit from your every day corporate look. This season bold hues especially various shades of blue from aqua to indigo, navy and turquoise are a big part of the 2013 look. Be adventurous by mixing various patterns such as check and polka dot and don’t forget to accessorise with cufflinks, ties and sunglasses. Keep in mind that pocket squares are mandatory for Spring Racing.

Shoes: Choose good quality leather shoes and ensure that they are well maintained. Avoid loafers and suede shoes as they may end up covered in mud or otherwise ruined. A lace-up style with rounded toes is a fashionable and comfortable option for race day wear.