Chauffeurs Are Not “Drivers”

July 12, 2016 By Blog Comments Off

Drivers are all the same, right? They all do the same job: pilot a vehicle and take it from point A to point B. But, that’s where you got wrong. There are two classifications to this profession: drivers and chauffeurs. And no, “chauffeur” is not a fancy way of referring to a driver.

Why Chauffeurs Aren’t Drivers

There’s one thing about chauffeurs and drivers. Drivers aren’t always professionals, but chauffeurs are  actual licensed professionals. Chauffeurs go through a much more complicated process before they’re allowed to go behind the wheel.

The more stringent process that chauffeurs go through also mandate them to do much more than the average driver. Here at Encore Cars, our chauffeurs are more than knowledgeable in these aspects:

  • Pre-trip safety inspections before operating a vehicle – The chauffeur makes sure that the vehicle is in tip-top shape by doing both pre-trip checks, as well as subsequent inspections at every stop. Chauffeurs look after the safety of their passengers.
  • Map and route reading – Chauffeurs rarely find themselves lost. They are trained to know where a city’s centre point, as well as where the north and south is.
  • Customer service – When was the last time you had a chatty cabbie take you around the city? That’s one of the biggest differences between drivers and chauffeurs. Professional chauffeurs treat their clients with respect, courtesy and utmost professionalism. They’re basically comparable to butlers. When they say they’re ‘at your service’, they’re literally at your service.

Another truth about chauffeurs is the guarantee of top-notch service. These professionals carry the company’s name on their sleeves; they serve as ambassadors for the company itself. That alone is enough guarantee of a safe, desirable transaction; said companies have a positive reputation to uphold.

We at Encore Cars are hold our chauffeurs in high esteem, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a chauffeur service that puts considerable focus on professionalism and overall passenger safety, we can help you.